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Tired of the Excuses

“Ugh it’s too cold!” “It’s raining” “It’s snowing!” “Let’s go after dinner….(after dinner crash on the couch)” “I’ll do it tomorrow morning (hit snooze a gazillion times)” “It’s too dark, the sun isn’t even awake yet” …..

Weigh myself and wonder why I’m not losing weight. Yep, I’m tired of those excuses! This year I’m at the point where I’m tired of the excuses I give myself. I think in all weight loss/lifestyle changes you have to get to this point to really make a change. You have to get just angry enough at yourself to tell that little voice in your head “Enough is enough! No more excuses!” Even if the pups are being extra snuggly making it 10x harder to get out of the bed in the morning…no more excuses! 

I’ve been on a self care journey trying to devote more time to taking care of me and that includes eating healthier and exercising. This all started a few months ago when I decided to focus on getting my body healthy and listed some initial goals while I wait for baby Brownies. I for the most part am doing great on the eating portion of that but the exercise part is so hard to get back in to. It seems I have an excuse for every little type of weather condition or timing for why I can’t go running. I’m here to say NOT anymore! Throwing away the excuses and all the negative self talk that only holds me back and jumping into this full force this year! Words without actions are just dreams so here’s my plan. I chose 5 easy goals that are not based off numbers on the scale or measurements but instead healthy lifestyle habits.

Goal 1: meal plan and prep weekly. My goal is to have meals that include a protein and lots of veggies, eating any grains or carbs prior to 2pm and not eat anything after 7pm.

Goal 2: walk at least 10,000 steps. This to be calculated with my jawbone. This number is based off their recommended number of steps a day.

Goal 3: Do 10K run/walk interval training. Signing up for some local 5K, 10k races and working up to a half marathon next October.

Goal 4: Focus on body strength exercises I can do from home. Pull ups, plank, push ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, and hand weight arms exercises. Having the ability to do it at home helps our budget and my ability to do it whenever, even in my pajamas! As long as I do it, it doesn’t matter what I wear.

Goal 5: WATER!! Drink lots of water. I’m notoriously bad at not drinking enough water. Water is essential to fueling my work outs, and having a healthy metabolism. So bottoms up with the H2O.

What excuses have you been lying to yourself with? Are you ready to throw them out too? The lies we tell ourselves are some of the most damaging. Start with small promises to yourself each day and set realistic achievable goals. Meeting your goals will add fuel to bigger ones until what once was hard becomes a natural part of your daily routine.


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