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No Resolutions

I’m a little late on this post given we are now 5 days away from ending January but better late than never…

2016 for my family was…well…it was hard! It seems like it was that way for many of my friends and family as well. After completing my masters degree in 6 months and student teaching during it all too, by Christmas I was worn out and by New Year’s Eve I was approaching the new year with dread. I knew I needed to stop, to rest, to do something. I spent the first week reflecting on the past couple of years. What was working? What wasn’t working? What could we have done differently? How could we make things better? It was through this reflection, that I decided to take the month of January “off” in a way and focus some much needed time on my family, me and getting our life back on track.

So I picked up a few organizing tools and bins, turned on some music and I had a major reset/organizing marathon on our house.


When we moved in we left a lot in boxes and nothing had been hung on the walls yet. We still had rooms with half done projects though we have lived here for 2 years. We were on this laundry cycle of wash, throw on the bed, too tired to fold at the end of the day, throw in a basket (or let’s be on honest just toss on the floor), pick through the pile, repeat. Then sometimes that laundry pile turned into a dog bed…


Our house had been cleaned of course in the last 2 years but nothing was organized and it definitely hadn’t been deep cleaned which had my minor OCD self cringing on the inside for literally years now. We neither one had been eating healthy. We both lived for bedtime and not for Brownie making but for turning to our opposite sides and sleeping. Money was tight, we sold half our belongings in a yard sale just to pay the bills my last month of student teaching. We were just surviving…but we were surviving….we made it. This year I want to do more than just survive, I want our family to thrive. So I made a point this January to really reflect, re-evaluate, refocus and rejoice.

As I scrolled through friends’ and family’s resolutions and saw their highlights in the midst of reflecting on my low lights, I had to have a moment to snap out of it and remember how social media puts filters on our lives. People only show what they want you to see.

So while another year has passed… we still don’t know what we want to be when we grow up. We are not pregnant and do not have any babies without fur.  We haven’t bought a house. We haven’t traveled this year.  We didn’t stick with any of last year’s resolutions. We haven’t achieved world peace or found an end to hunger or done any grandiose things… BUT

What we have done…

cityWe have grown closer together as a team. We have minimalized and found joy in the simple things. We have valued and cherished doing life with great friends. We have learned to shut out the noise when necessary and just be present with each other. We have realized that even after 14 years we still really really like each other and can spend  hours upon hours just talking and never get bored. We have both learned more about ourselves in times of struggle and  came out stronger and more knowledgeable.We both had the privilege to explore new hobbies and develop our gifts and talents.

Most of all we have loved…
Loved each other, loved our fur babies, loved our friends, loved our families, loved our neighbors and loved our community and isn’t that what it’s all about anyways?

With a new perspective and determined to make 2017 our revival year, I set out to make changes. Now if you’re like me you usually set the bar high and start off great and then somewhere around May-ish lose steam and by the next holiday season you’ve just given up or trying to make it through the year in one piece. I have always had very high 16142574_10101024012852286_8518028551562632106_nexpectations for myself and have a perfectionist spirit. Thankfully I am no stranger to failure and mistakes and have been blessed through them. I know I grow and develop and become better each year even if I failed to maintain my year’s resolution. This year instead of resolutions,  I decided to make goals because they aren’t things that will change over night but things I want to continually work on, strive for even if I don’t meet them right away. So as I work on still developing my goals and rediscovering me I challenge you to set aside some time to just be, reflect and re-evaulate. Maybe there’s some goals you’d like to strive for as well this year? Let’s do this 2017!


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