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Perfectly Posh Adventure

I am so excited to be sharing about my adventure with products I fell in love with. I  decided to be a consultant for Perfectly Posh because I have been using their products for over a year and absolutely love them! It started with just wanting more natural, chemical free, sulfate free hair, face and body soap and lotion in our attempts to live more naturally with natural based products for our bodies and our home. One of my  “While I’m Waiting Goals” is to be healthier and that includes being more aware of what I put in and on my body, so that’s where Perfectly Posh came in.  More than just smelling amazing, these products have transformed my skin to where I don’t wear make up anymore and feel confident in my own skin. The company is more than just awesome products but a group of women (and men) that fully support and encourage each other and Perfectly Posh’s motto is You Deserve It!


For the longest time I focused all my energy and attention on other people, other people’s children and I love doing it but it was at the cost of my own self care and emotional sanity at times too. Through these products whether it’s a bubble bath or a 5 minute face mask, I have started investing into me again and making sure I take time for me. Self-care is something that I was not taught and did not see growing up and I always thought thinking “you deserve it” was so selfish but I’m learning with time that taking care of yourself is absolutely necessary especially being an introvert and it’s not selfish at all. “You can’t pour from an empty cup” and when I make sure I take time for me and love myself, I can then love others so much more fully!

I invite you on this journey of self-care and pampering because we all deserve it and all deserve to feel beautiful.

You can see all the amazing products Perfectly Posh has to offer at


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