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Perfection. Is perfection attainable? Do we put unrealistic goals and pressure on ourselves to meet these standards? In knowing that we can never truly be perfect, should we still strive for it?

Hello, my name is Brittany and I am a perfectionist. There I said it! I am my biggest critic and own worst enemy most of the time. I’m extremely hard on myself and am constantly analyzing how I can do better and be better. This goal of perfection isn’t so that I can achieve greatness or be better than others. It is an internal struggle with myself and a desire to constantly learn and improve, so that I can be a better person in order to help others. I think most people have an internal need to strive to be better whether it’s for extrinsic factors like promotion, or awards or simply a competitive spirit, even if you’re competing against yourself. I am fully aware that I will never even come close to doing things perfectly. In fact most days, I thoroughly screw things up like the clumsy accident prone person that I am. Even on my best days, life is messy, unpredictable and VERY imperfect. When you know there is nothing you can do or say to even come close to being perfect, is it worth even trying? Should I just let it go, carry on and not care? Should I not continue to pursue to be a better teacher, a better wife, a better daughter, and friend? It’s like climbing a mountain and knowing you’ll never reach the top. It’s exhausting, overwhelming, and you feel as if you’ve failed before you have even begun. Looking at this in this perspective only sets you up to fail.

However, I believe that you should still strive every day to be the best you can be and you should never stop trying to improve. Will things be perfect? Absolutely not but even though life is messy, it’s a beautiful ride. Life’s road has bumps, hills and curves in order for us to grow, and to prepare us for things to come. While I will never be perfect, I can rest in knowing that I have a perfect God who loves me, and through Him and His grace I am continually renewed and made perfect in His eyes, regardless of what I say or do. And that is why I constantly seek to be better, and give my utmost for His highest. I want to be a better teacher so that I can show the love and grace I’ve been given to the students who need it most. I want to be a better wife and support system for my husband to love him as God does. BUT on those days where I’ve failed and I haven’t met my own or others expectations, that is where God shows me time and time again that His grace is sufficient and His love unending and never changing. That kind of love makes me we want to be better and that is why I’m a perfectionist…. by the grace of God.

I Will Hold Myself To A Standard Of Grace Not Perfection – Clever Quote


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