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Why a Blog?

Hi World! I have been told by people in the past that I should write a blog. I always scoffed at the idea and went on with life, putting little thought in the idea. I never could come up with a reason as to why I would. What would I write about? Why would an introvert like me put my thoughts and heart out into the world for complete strangers to see? Would people really even want to read what I have to say? Fast forward several years later, and a few more suggestions from others to delve into this blogger world and here I am. Someone told me blogging is just like posting on Facebook just longer, better and for anyone and everyone to see. Oh joy, just what I wanted! Not! Facebook was safe, I had edited friend lists and privacy settings so much that when I posted only the few I really called friends would see. Blogging feels so open, so exposed to me and therefore very scary. So why would I write a blog? I have contemplated the whys and what I would even write about for awhile and came up with this…

  • While scary to put our hearts out there to complete strangers, what if my story, my thoughts can help someone else? Even if what I write only helps one person, then I feel it’s worth it.
  • What story would I tell? What would little old me write about? By saying this over and over in my head, I realized I was diminishing all that I’ve done, gone through and all that God has blessed me with. Who am I to say that I don’t have a story to tell? Or that my story isn’t worth sharing? We all have a story! I was also shutting down any opportunity in this digital age, for God to use my story to help others. While I may feel my story isn’t page worthy, it doesn’t mean that God can’t use it.

I don’t have how-to’s, written books, or even some really inspiring story. I’m a simple girl, with a big heart, who likes to write, crazy about her husband and the life we live. So while I can’t guarantee I’ll always have words of wisdom or some great story, I can simply tell about my life and how God continues to write our story. This is our life, this is us.



3 thoughts on “Why a Blog?

    1. Thanks! I’ve been so preoccupied with life lately I haven’t been able to but hope to pick it up again soon. I can’t wait to check out your blog later too.


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